Wine Country Filter Vault holder pack of 2 100x100  plus 2 100x150 vaults


Light Tight Recess for the ND Vault


Light leaking between the ND filter and the lens is the number one challenge faced by holder system users … until now. We’ve built a dedicated recess into the holder system to create a light-tight environment for the ND filter. This feature alone makes the WCC Holder System the de facto standard for long exposure photographers. The vault surrounds your ND filter on all four sides, eliminating internal reflections caused by light entering on-edge, ensuring that your ND filter provides high-fidelity and high-contrast.


Grad Vault

Grad Vaults are taller than the ND Vault and fit into the two outer slots of the holder. Grad Vaults are vertically adjustable using the buttons on the holder system. The Grad Vaults have a catch feature that stops them from falling to the floor when the button is pushed.

NB: Filters not included


Compatible with Nisi & Lee filters.



Brand Wine Country Cameras
Shipping Weight 0.5000kg

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